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George Lucas has said “Sound is fifty percent of the movie-going experience”. Sound is equally important as great lighting and camera angles.

> Don’t use Your Camcorder’s Mic

The consumer camcorders can generate ok video for YouTube but their microphones leave something to be desired. Most of the mic equipment is fine, however it is where the placement of the mic starts going bad. The camera is usually 2 to 3 meters away from the subject and this is where the problems start.

We have all seen the singer in the booth recording their song and you will notice how close the performer gets to the microphone. This is how to get the best recording quality and tone. A similar situation should be replicated when recording video. Get as close as possible to the mic by using an external microphone. This will eliminate echo and poor tone from a microphone that is too far away.

So next time your looking to create a great sound have move closer to the camera or better yet get a microphone external to the camera and have it up close to your lips.

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