Team Rates Internal Promotion

When you are a large company, sometimes the most effective way to communicate is via a promotional video to your own staff. Via an internal corporate video announcement you engage your staff members while informing them about key developments within the company is a fun and entertaining way. iTV Video Production Melbourne filmed the key marketing manager at our Green Screen Studio’s in Melbourne, then edited and delivered the final video via internal intranet and DVD’s.. The green screen allowed creative flexibility to deliver key messages in a fun and informative fashion.

The Problem

How to effectivley reach a large number of your audience and inform them of up coming changes.

The Solution

ARL required a video production to reach their memebers and inform them in an entertaining and effective way. iTV Video Production Melbourne green screen studio based in Melbourne was used to film the person on a green screen and later edited and distributed via a DVD for the ARL memebers.


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