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At iTV we’ve had the opportunity to develop a sizzle real featuring great talent.

We approached channels 7 and 10 in Sydney, Australia. Initially it was difficult to get access to the Director of Programming, even though the sizzle was only 2.5 mins.

We were aiming at a lifestyle programming time slot for Saturday or Sunday afternoon. They loved the concept and thought the sizzle was great; however after some negotiations and discussion the show was deemed too niche for the small audience on ONE and CH7.

We then approached Foxtel but there were no channels deemed suitable for this type of lifestyle programming. We required more ‘reality’ style for this to work.

In the USA there are many more cable stations and networks which could accomodate this type of show, driven by a larger population and greater diversity.

Are you a frustrated producer who has had a similar experience? Let us know.

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