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Call to action – a must for any TV commercial!

Don’t leave out the ‘call to action’. Potential customers need to know how to buy from you or visit your store or website.

Calls to action are usually at the end of the TV commercial and this should be done clearly with either voiceover and/or graphics on screen. Special offers, contact information, including website and location should be included in the call to action and communicated so it is easy to remember.

iTV Production can offer video graphic production within your TV commercial.


Importance of Planning your TV commercial

Remember to start planning your TV advertising early! Pre-production will vary significantly depending on the scope of the TV commercial. Be prepared to start planning several months in advance if you would like to broadcast a commercial on TV.

On average, a TV commercial will require scripting, casting, location scouting, production, editing, a voice-over artist, motion graphics, sound design, broadcast approval, and more. In other words, there’s a lot that goes into making a TV commercial and getting it broadcast ready.

With iTV Production’s experience in TV advertising, there’s no need to worry! Our dedicated staff have years of experience  preparing and planning TV commercials that sell.

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