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So you have a TV Show idea and want to get it to air?

That’s great! If you believe your TV Show is unique and has wide audience potential, then you should get started.

However, be warned, it’s not easy.

Firstly, networks don’t like being pitched to unless you’re a production company or have a history with them. That said, if you have a treatment, talent and a sizzle reel (2-5min video of what the show will be like) then you are in with a chance. But even it can be difficult. Generally, most networks don’t like producing other peoples’ ideas.

If you have all your ducks lined up and the network love you’re work, they probably won’t pay for your concept. The only way you will make money from your amazing and unique TV show concept is if you include a role for yourself like producer, writer or catering guy.

The other option is to choose a production company (like iTV Production who develop TV shows) and get them to help develop and produce the TV show concept and sizzle reel.

Finally, when developing your concept, always keep in mind your audience, what broadcaster your TV show idea aligns with best (e.g. Documentary would work for Discovery channel, Reality TV Show would work for 7Mate or Lifestyle channel) and then develop your treatment to align with that genre.

Good luck!

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