Conference and Event Video Production Package

We are a company that specialises in affordable conference and event recording throughout Australia.

Cost effectively record your conference and deliver it to a wider audience.

iTV is a company that specialises in conference and event recording throughout Australia. We can deliver this content online or via DVD to increase your audience and revenue. Our systems, our equipment and our packages are all designed around this one area.”

We have a number of packages, from which you can choose the production level you require and they are divided into three levels. Our event and conference packages include recording, editing and publishing to the internet or DVD.

Our Silver level is simply the audio with one camera, an option with just audio and the PowerPoint slides is available. Our Gold  level involves two visual feeds, either the projected slides and one camera or two camera plus the audio. This package enables us to edit between the projected slides and the camera or between two cameras. Other options include multi-camera and the projected slides produced into the full-length conference and highlight packages as per our example in the video above.


Silver Packages:

Silver Package 1 1x Camera and the audio. $995* for a 4 hour package and $200 for each additional hour. (Includes filming and hand over of RAW footage only.)

Silver Package 2 2 x Cameras and the audio. $1,850* for a 4 hour package and $400 for each additional hour. (Includes filming and hand over of RAW footage only.) Gold Packages:

Gold Package 1 1x Camera and the audio. $1,995* for a 8 hour package and $200 for each additional hour. (Includes filming, editing and a web ready complete video)

Gold Package 2 2 x Cameras and the audio. $2,850* for a 8 hour package and $400 for each additional hour. (Includes filming, editing and a web ready complete video)


Web and Promotional Videos Once your event is over, it doesn’t need to end there! Out creative editing team have the skills to enhance and deliver a web based promotional video to promote other events, your business or deliver a brand experience.

Multi-lingual Subtitles Think about adding subtitles to your video in any language.

Supporting Interviews GIve your video greater depth and include interviews. Film back stage or green room interviews for your keynote presenters and testimonials from your delegates.

Multi Camera Events Our packages include up to two cameras, however there is no limitation to how many cameras we can use to capture your event.

Webcasting By live editing your event we can broadcast it live on the internet, the size of your audience is limitless.

Video Graphics We add logos, titles and other footage to enhance your event videos.

Presentation Graphics PowerPoint can be dull, but our in-house graphics team van give you enhanced visuals to give your presentation that edge.

DVD and USB Duplication We provide a DVD and USB duplication from one copy to one million copies.

Note: * All prices are ex 10% GST.

iTV Green Screen Studio hire includes;

Green or B&W Screen

We can set-up the studio for Green Screen, Black Screen or all-white backdrop and floor studio, also suitable for photographic purposes.

Lights and More Lights

We include soft boxes, fresnel, red head, overhead lighting and kickers in studio hire.

HD Camera and Crew

We have Sony broadcast HD Cameras, a teleprompter, autocue and operators for all equipment, as required

Make-up Artists

We have a range of make-up artists available for all types of productions.

Pro Audio & Acoustically Ready Studio

We record your audio as crystal clear broadcast-quality sound, with virtually no acoustic bounce.

Plenty of Parking and Close to Transport

Located in the heart of St Kilda, with plenty of free off-street parking and a tram and bus stop just metres away.

Why believe us? Listen to what our clients have to say

Our TV ad for Helene Abicair was definitely a commercial success. When the commercial aired on TV the phones and emails were immediate. I can definitely recommend iTV for producing high quality TV Commercials.

Rohan Widdison CEO Helene Abicai

Moose Toys are a successful, busy global company and with that comes high production values and tight deadlines. That’s why we work with iTV to produce great video animation and TV commercials.

Adam Woods Creative Director Moose Toys

The corporate video iTV produced is simply amazing! The production has exceeded our expectations. It looks awesome. I love it.”

Cameron Aubrey CEO of Melbourne Discover Massage Australia

Video Production Package – $990

Includes Filming, Editing & Publishing

With this promotional offer, you get a fully produced video. This is a real offer, with real value that you just can’t go past.

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