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We love everything film, video and TV. If you want read about what makes us tick or how to get the most out of a video production based in Melbourne, read all about it here.

I have a TV Show concept, how do I sell it to a network?

That’s great! If you believe your TV Show is unique and has wide audience potential, then you should get started.
However, be warned, it’s not easy.

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Producing a TV Show in Australia can be difficult

At iTV we've had the opportunity to develop a sizzle real featuring great talent. We approached channels 7 and 10 in Sydney, Australia. Initially it was difficult to get access to the Director of Programming, even though the sizzle was only 2.5 mins. We were aiming at...

Making an effective TV Commercial Part 1

Writing a script to fit your TV commercial’s length is important. It is very easy to try and squeeze too much information into a 15 – 30 second ad believing more is actually better.

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Making an effective TV Commercial Part 2

Don’t leave out the ‘call to action’. Potential customers need to know how to buy from you or visit your store or website.

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Making an effective TV Commercial Part 3

Every TV commercial production is different in terms of style and budget. Low budget does not necessarily mean it will be a poor production; nor does it mean your message won’t get through to your target audience.

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5 Tips for filming children

iTV Production produce many TV commercials and web videos featuring children. You know what they say, never work with animals or children! With our vast experience we would like to share our thoughts and help you film your children with style.

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7 Reasons why web videos are more compelling

Videos are visually more attention grabbing and interesting than plain text.

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Why use a green screen studio?

A Green Screen Studio and the technology involved is the base effect you have seen in every Hollywood blockbuster and local weather report. This may seem advanced but really it’s a simple effect.

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