Inside Our Video Head

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1 – Videos are visually more attention grabbing and interesting than plain text.

2 – The brain naturally pays attention to human faces. So when our eyes browse through pages and websites, a face will capture our attention.

3 – There is a genuine emotional connection with a face on screen. Humans are geared to process emotional information when someone is speaking to us. Are they excited or feeling down? We can recognise this instantly.

4 – Videos communicate tone. Everyone has received an email or text message which has been difficult to interpret. Voice conveys valuable information in the tone, enthusiasm and delivery.

5 – Audio accompanied with video enriches the viewing experience. Adding music and sound FX shape the video.

6 – Video can communicate passion and excitement. The emotion portrayed drives communication and it’s contagious!

7 – Movement. Movement on screen is attention grabbing. This captivates the audience making ingesting the information easier.

* Sergio Martiniello
Producer/Director, iTV Production

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